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Podcast Blog

Episode 011: Interview with Intermission

Hannah Murray

Our first guests of season 2 are the creators of Intermission Sessions and Retreats. Elena Urioste and Melissa White sat down with us during an Intermission in August to talk about music and yoga and how they intertwine. Joining us in this episode is Soprano Marie Masters Webb who has attended 3 retreats including the inaugural summer of 2017. Enjoy!

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Episode 006: Interview with Matthew Clark

Hannah Murray

Posted February 14, 2019.

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this day of love, and the celebration of love we invite you to meet our guest Matthew Clark, drummer and yogi extraordinaire. Matt is a fascinating person with so many great adventures and stories. We chatted with him about living in India, yoga, life on the road touring in multiple rock bands, transcendental meditation, and his very cool record label. This was a really fun time. Please enjoy and leave a comment.

Matthew Clark is a drummer and yoga teacher.  He currently resides in Los Angles and teaches yoga, plays in several rock bands and works various other jobs.  He began studying yoga in 1997 and his interest rapidly intensified until he went to India for most of 1999 and explored and studied yoga.  From 2000-2006 he taught yoga exclusively in community spaces free of charge and eventually did another training in 2011 and decided to teach as a job.  He finds in his twin passions...wild rock and roll and a centering yoga and meditation practice a symbiotic overlap and balance.  

Matthew teaches at Namaste Highland Park in Northeast LA, and currently plays in Flying Hair, Old Gold, sometimes in Adam Payne's various free form rock bands, and will be playing a few select shows in Europe this summer with his old band Ostinato, the band which led to him meeting Hannah.

Show Notes:

Works at: Yoga teacher at Namaste Highland Park

Bands: Flying Hair, Old Gold, Ostinato, Adam Payne Projects

Label: Casual Acid Tea Recordings

Metal Flute: Floom

1st project released on label: covers of “The Secret Museum of Mankind”

We met: The Blisstrain tour in 2019 hosted and presented by Exile on Mainstream

Artist referenced: Ernst Haeckel

Indian Cookbook: Five Morsels of Love by Archana Pidathala

Book: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Book: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Book: The Long Ships by Frans G. Bengtsson

The Artwork of Haeckel:

Kunstformen der Natur - Ernst Haeckel 1899-1904 (3).jpg